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Flashlights or torches have become a necessity in our daily lives, whatever lifestyle we have. They offer convenience and practicality that cannot be offered by any other device. A torch, an electric torch or flashlight all refer to the same thing – a portable device that provides an electric spotlight, as it emits light coming from a small incandescent light bulb or from some other light source like one or a couple of light-emitting diodes or LEDs.

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This light source is attached inside a housing that has a clear protective lens, a parabolic reflector, a power source (usually electric batteries) as well as an electric power switch. In the US and Canada, they are more known as flashlights while in other countries, including the UK, they are more known as electric torches or just torch.

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We hope also to provide useful and relevant information on torches, flashlight,and other related products. So you can understand the way they function as well as what the specific purpose is for each of the various types of flashlights and torches .


While a lot of torches are held by hand and are generally portable, there are also those types that are mounted on helmets or some other type of head gear. These are usually used by campers and miners ( If theres any left ! ) . There are also some types of torches which could be powered by electromagnetic induction or by hand-cranked dynamos and are solar powered !

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